Ktima Pavlidis was founded in 1998 by Christoforos Pavlidis, a marble businessman. An unexploited area of about 20 hectares, on the west side of the city, was the one that had caught his attention. It is a narrow valley surrounded amphitheatrically by three big mountains (Falakro, Menikio, and Pangeo); in the middle of them, the Aegean Sea.

This geographical modification provides the vineyards with a special microclimate, with cool winds during the night that prolong the ripening period and give the opportunity to reach the optimum maturity level slowly. And there is where it all started with the first 2 hectares of the vineyard of Kokkinogia.

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It is our strongest belief that wine personality is ultimately connected to the vineyard and brings with it the hallmark of the soil where the vine roots, the climate of the region and the characteristics of the grape variety. To fulfill this goal, we have planted our privately owned vineyards, where native and international wine grape varieties are grown.

In the vineyards we apply an Integrated Management System and modern cultivation techniques and yields are controlled meticulously. In addition, the harvest of the grapes takes place manually during the night for the purpose of highlighting their aromatic characteristics.

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It was conceived and constructed by Panagiotis Hatzinas in 2001 and it is located on the north side of the Kokkinogia vineyard. With clean, austere surfaces and wholly shielded with limestone, it refers directly to New World winery style.

The design of the winery highlights the functionality of the spaces that house the latest technology winemaking equipment. The vinification rooms are equipped with modern oak and stainless-steel tanks of various sizes that allow vinification per vineyard plot.

Then, the wine from the tanks is transported by gravity to the underground cellars, where, under constant control of the environmental conditions, it matures in oak barrels and tanks, as well as ceramic amphorae. Between the two underground cellars, there is an impressive wine tasting room.

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